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Opus #1 - Suggestions for Firmware Improvement

2016-12-13 20:47
Hello, I have some suggestions for the firmware that will make the player much more enjoyable to use.  I think most people will agree with everything on this list. I hope that you will consider my suggestions to implement in a future firmware update.

FileInfo screen (where it shows Genres/Composer/Pathname/FileInfo):

*Show the YEAR and COMMENTS fields.

*Make it so that I can turn off the LYRICS screen.

*Instead of showing the artist genre, show the genre for the individual song.
Play Screen:
*Make it so that when you press and hold the PREV and NEXT buttons (physical buttons and graphical buttons), it rewinds/fast forwards the song.

*Make it so the MENU button is easier to press. I constantly miss it and bring up the FileInfo screen instead.

*Make the album artwork smaller, so that it's not being overlapped by the status bar and menu button. It looks sloppy.

*Make it so that the Artist and Album are not listed on the same line (Artist-Album). It gets too cluttered if the Artist and Album names are too long to fit on the screen.
*When browsing, make it so that the menu options (SONGS/ALBUMS/ARTISTS/GENRES/FOLDERS/FAVORITES/PLAYLISTS) are customizable. I want to turn some of them off and re-arrange the order they appear.

*In the menus, the scrollbar is way too close to the PLAY button. Whenever I try to grab the scrollbar, I accidentally hit PLAY. It is very frustrating.

*The drop down menu is hard to pull down and make go away.  It feels very choppy.  Can you make it more smooth?

*Make it so that when alphabetically sorting, numbers come after letters.  For example, "Led Zeppelin" should be listed higher alphabetically than "Led Zeppelin 2".  ".38 Special" should be after "ZZ Top".
*Make it so that I can set individual GAIN CONTROLS for Headphone Out, Balanced Out, and Line Out. It's very annoying having to change the gain control setting every time I plug in headphones.

*Add a MONO/STEREO button to the drop down menu.

*Add an option to ENABLE/DISABLE the pushbuttons when the screen is off.